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Adapter Plate

We offer a complete manufacturing service in welded fabrications and sheet metalwork in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, together with CAD/CAM design and prototyping, materials handling, site installation etc.

We are delighted to advise upon, and provide, prototype design and manufacture.

We know that your customers do judge a book by its cover, which is why we make sure that finish, accuracy and overall quality are of the highest order.

We provide all of this at competitive prices, which is why more and more companies now offer us the opportunity to demonstrate our capability, and to develop long term trading relationships.

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CDT Engineering Ltd Products

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

For clients in a wide variety of industries including inkjet, pharmaceuticals, printing, robotics, foodstuffs, communication and leisure.

Sheet Metalwork

Sheet metalwork

We are able to work from sketches or samples right through to detailed tehcnical drawings



Our highly skilled on-site team of fabrication engineers compliments the sheetmetal processes. This allows us to offer a complete manufacturing service for our clients

Ornamental metalwork

Ornamental metalwork

We can also offer bespoke interior or exterior steel and iron works, including gates, railings, rose arches, fire escapes and staircases.

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